About Us

Ilium is a 6,000m² fiberglass manufacturing facility built on a 10,000m2 site within the Bahrain International Investment Park (BIIP) in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Created in 2010, Ilium was the brain-child of some well-known actors in the field of fiberglass reinforcements.

Ilium manufactures and distributes fiberglass reinforcement using a new and unique process technology that has been patented.  Annually, more than 15,000 tons of composite reinforcement is produced and sold to customers in the transportation, construction, recreational and alternative energy industries in the Middle East, US, Europe, Asia and to developing markets including Brazil.

Ilium began its production of fiberglass structural composite reinforcements in September 2011 and continually innovates to produce products ranges suited to the needs of customers. One range of products is dedicated to Closed Mould Processes (RTM, Light-RTM, Press) and another range devoted to the Pultrusion process.

Ilium has successfully met the challenges presented by various market demands, fulfilling orders to various countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Results from the various uses of the product have proved to be successful in saving time and cost whilst providing high quality finished parts.

Customer feedback shows a high level of satisfaction with the product in terms of quality and versatility. Using state-of-the-art technology and maintaining the highest levels of quality, improvements in resin flow and surface finish have resulted in a quality product that outperforms similar existing products in the market. Our customers are impressed with the advantages offered by ilium’s iSpring, iFlex and iMix products, especially when compared to other reinforcements in the field.