August 25 2020

National Composites Week ...

National Composites Week

In celebration of National Composites Week, Ilium Composites will be participating in the promotion of why ‘Composites are Essential.’ The many advantages of these products make them ideal for applications across industries which impact people’s daily lives such as transportation, construction, and alternative energy. Ilium produces fibreglass reinforcement which is distributed across the Middle East, US, Europe, Asia and developing markets such as Brazil. For more information about Ilium Composites, visit #NationalCompositesWeek #Compositesareessential #globalcompositesmarket CompositesWorld

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November 30 2016



Ilium has launched a translucent L-RTM composite that revolutionizes the current market. Allowing customers a far more cost and process effective solution. invisiflo will encourage greater use of translucent composites in various sectors, and will make visually impressive composite solutions even more accessible to a wider range of applications.

ULTImat invisiflo is a random fiberglass mat, designed for translucent panel applications in closed mould process. It exhibits high drape and excellent resin wetout for optimum translucency. Due to the omission of any chemical binder, Invisiflo is also suitable for use as a binder free CSM in new evolutions of styrene free resin systems.

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March 16 2016

A la prochaine......

A la prochaine...

Thank you to all our customers and suppliers for visiting our stand during JEC 2016.  It was wonderful catching up with all of you. We were also glad to make new composites friends.

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September 13 2015

See you in Stuttgart...

See you in Stuttgart

Composites Europe is the most innovative and largest fair in Germany, representing the complete value chain added sector of the industry from raw materials to semi-finished goods and processors as well as the latest technologies, machines and services.


Ilium will be featuring its recently developed preform technology, iForm, as well as other new-to-market innovations due to be launched in the near future.


We look forward to meeting current and future business partners at our Stand B27 in Hall 5.

If you would like to arrange an appointment, please contact:

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May 4 2015

New easy-conform L-RTM reinfor...

New easy-conform L-RTM reinforcement

Due to Ilium’s unique stitch-free production process, feedback suggested that conformability was lower than that found in traditional stitched L-RTM reinforcements and subsequently, complex mould geometries could take longer to lay up.

The latest version of Ilium’s iSpring range now achieves the same level of drape and elongation with up to 66% less force. One additional benefit increases maximum elongation by between 24% and 29% creating a more homogeneous, natural drape. Under tension, the new material naturally spreads any given load over the entire section, rather than a smaller local area.

Ilium’s new higher drape reinforcement now has all of the pre-existing advantages that customers have enjoyed, better print-through performance, increased strength, improved fire retardant properties, instant preformability and overlap avoidance, but now with even more versatility and ease of application.

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March 1 2015

Visit us at JEC 2015...

Visit us at JEC 2015

Ilium Composites, innovator in fiberglass reinforcement mat, will be participating in the upcoming 2015 JEC Europe Composites Show.  The JEC Europe Show takes place on March 10 - 12 in Paris, France at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles.  Ilium's exhibit location is Hall 7.3 Stand K17.

During the show, Ilium will be featuring its recently developed preform technology, iForm.

We look forward to strengthening our relationship with customers and meeting new ones.


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August 24 2014

iForm- Ilium’s continuous p...

iForm- Ilium’s continuous product innovation

As part of Ilium’s strategy of continuous innovation, iForm has been specifically developed to elevate the preform capability of the current iSpring. Using infra-red light and vacuum technology, the time taken to preform a composite sheet does not exceed 2.5 minutes and does not require any chemical binders. The higher stiffness of preform offered in iForm allows perfect and precise placement in a mould in only seconds and with no further tucking needed in the corners. The time saved with iForm in production processes has the added benefit of significantly decreasing labor costs. 

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March 17 2014

JEC 2014, Paris, France...

JEC 2014, Paris, France

From 11th to 13th March, Ilium participated in the JEC 2014 Composites Show in Paris, France.  With the cooperation of Nord Composites and Composites Machines Systemes, Ilium had the pleasure of meeting new customers and reuniting with old ones.Ilium participated in the JEC 2014 Composites Show in Paris, France.  With the cooperation of Nord Composites and Composites Machines Systemes, Ilium had the pleasure of meeting new customers and reuniting with old ones.

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October 28 2013

Conex Exhibition, Japan...

Conex Exhibition, Japan

The Ilium technical team provided support to FRP Services, Japan during the Conex Exhibition on 24th & 25th October 2013.  Customers were impressed with the demonstration of a simple and efficient preform system conducted in only three minutes.  Using infrared light (low cost consumption) as heating and a male/female mould under vacuum, the result was a soft preform that is stackable and still deformable if needed when placed in the injection process.

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