Ilium Composites has adapted its versatile production capability to innovate a unique random renforcement which offers unprecedented, flexible and cost effective solutions for the pultrusion industry.

The range consists of a layer of randomly oriented long glass fibers between two layers of integrated veil. It is light in weight  and high in strength.

Existing options for transverse strength in pultruded profiles can be expensive or exhibit process challenges. FLEXmat MP Series is designed to improve processability, enable profle optimization, and increase transverse strength.

FLEXmat is composed of two series:

  • FLEXmat Series P - Random long glass fiber mat with integrated veil available in any weight greater than 225g/m2
  • FLEXmat Series MP – Weft biased, random long glass fiber mat with integrated surface veil glass fiber mat available in an y weight greater than 225g/m2. Including additional continuous support fibers for higher tensile strength.

FLEXmat is available with three options:

  • V -      Mechanically bonded secondary surface veil
  • CV -   As above, with colored veil
  • W -     Including weft UD or biaxial for highly structural parts

Recommended process: Infusion, pipe renovation


  • No chemical binders - Ilium uses a patented mechanical binding system to achieve product stability. Wet out is fast and the product has no accumulation of loose fibers at contact points

  • Efficient application saving time and resources. Incorporating mechanically bonded veil and reinforcement options saves time, reduces drifting and improves process efficiency

  • Stitch free for improved visual appearance of parts

  • Integrated veil offers better visual appearance and improved chemical resistance

  • Weft aligned fiber influence system ensures improved transverse and torsional mechanical properties

  • High quality, flexible and cost effective alternative to existing pultrusion reinforcements

Product Optimisation

  • Customer specified weight and width 
  • All products can include additional contiuous reinforcement for highly structural parts (Select Weft UD  or biaxial). The reinforcement becomes an integral element ensuring ease of use without issues of alignment or drifting 

        Weft UD weight - 120g/m2

          Biaxial 45± custom weight

  • Surface veil can be added without stitch or chemical binder to improve print-through and chemical resistance
  • Colored surface veil can be used to avoid pigmenting the resin system