As part of Ilium Composites's Specialties range, ULTImat preform changes the perception of what a glass fiber reinforcement is able to offer.

The ULTImat preform range is composed of a synthetic core inserted between two layers of chopped fiberglass incorporating an integrated veil.

ULTImat preform allows the user to create preforms quickly and simply without additional costly binders



Recommended process: Closed Mould Applications



ULTImat preform is the first instantly preformable fiberglass reinforcement without the need for additional chemical binders

Low cost system making preforming available to new applications

Ilium Composites offers a full technology solution including tool making and heating system

Saves up to 70% layup time

Ideal for high volume, complex parts

Preform binder is an integral part of the reinforcement with no impact on dry product behaviour

Binder is only activated after forming in the preform tool