Ilium Composites has revolutionized the translucent L-RTM market, allowing customers a far more cost and process effective solution.

This will encourage greater use of translucent composites in various sectors and, consequently, make visually impressive composite solutions even more accessible to a wider range of customers and applications.

ULTImat invisflo is a random fiberglass mat designed for translucent panel applications in closed mould process. It exhibits high drape and excellent resin wetout for optimum translucency.

Due to the omission of any chemical binder, ULTImat invisiflo is also suitable for use as a binder free CSM in new evolutions of styrene free resin systems.




Highly translucent, highly versatile. This 100% glass fiber mat ensures excellent translucency with a variety of unique benefits:

  • Highly formable for complex mould geometries

  • Specially designed panel roving for best possible translucency and compatibility with clear resin system

  • Even surface avoids appearance of star cracks

  • Cost effective - making translucent composites accessible to more applications

  • Customer specified weight range easily achievable