iSpring is suitable in fire retardant applications using FR polyester fiber.

In addition;

  • By using Resin 9038 (Reichold) to meet the M1 requirements according to the French standard NFF16101.
  • Based on the same production principles as iSpring, iSpring FR is fixed without chemical binders or stitching.


  • No stitching to avoid fraying
  • Fixed Product without loose fibers
  • No stitching for better cosmetic appearance
  • Uniformly reflects light
  • Components are fixed without any chemical binders which might react with styrene in resins
  • Fiber Length from 50 mm to 200mm
  • Better tensile strength
  • Preform can be conducted using heating and vacuum with a complex profile


  • Components are fixed without chemical binders which might react with the styrene found in resins.

  • iSpring offers high resiliency which balances out any flaws in the mould and results in parts with a homogenous thickness.

  • The mat is not stitched providing a better visual appearance of parts. Clean corners within a mould can be easily achieved quickly and efficiently.

  • Clean splicing is achieved when it is necessary to overlap composite material. 

  • Parts will have finished edges clean and free of fraying 

Polyester Core

  • Superior compatibility  with Polyester resin
  • Improved resiliency
  • Increased volume with equivalent weight
  • Efficient resin flow