The ULTImat range is composed of a synthetic core inserted between two layers of chopped fiberglass incorporating an integrated veil.

As standard, ULTImat is supplied with polyester flow media with the following benefits:

  • Superior compatibility with polyester resins

  • Increased inter-laminar shear strength by approximately 5%

  • Improved cyclic loading

  • Better fire retardant performance



  1. Standard - Ilium polyester flow media with standard surface veil

  2. SF (Superior Finish) - Higher weight surface veil on one side for even better surface finish

  3. HF (High Flow) - Flow media for faster resin flow

  4. Combi - With added continuous reinforccement (woven roving or multiaxial) for highly structural parts

  5. PP - Including polypropylene flow media instead of polyester


Recommended process: LRTM, Vaccum Infusion, other closed mould processes


  • Incorporated surface veil offers reduced print-through

  • Stitch free for improved visual appearance

  • Components are fixed without chemical binders 

  • Cut mat has tidy edges, clean and free of fraying with no fiber falling out

  • Clean corners within a mould can be easily achieved quickly and efficiently.

  • Clean splicing avoids thick overlaps of composite material

  • Better blister performance can remove the need for added barrier coat

  • Excess mat can be removed from the mould with cutting


ULTImat is available in various weights and thicknesses leading to the highest productivity with the highest surface finish quality

Product Optimization:

  • Fiber length from 50mm to 200mm

  • Flow media weight can be adapted from 110g/m2 - 250g/m2

  • Integrated surface veil according to required surface finish - 10g/m2 to 25g/m2