Ilium Composites

Ilium is committed to shaping the evolution of closed mold processes through continuous innovation in composite reinforcements. Using unique technology to create customer-specific solutions and anticipate market needs, Ilium is valued as an industry leader.

Ilium produces highly technical, engineered glass fiber reinforcements, used in the GRP (Glass-fiber Reinforced Plastics) industry to produce the highest quality composites parts. All products are assembled using Ilium’s unique and state-of-the-art technology, which provides features and benefits not available from any other reinforcement manufacturer. Ilium’s unique manufacturing capability and stitch-free and chemical binder-free technology has been proven successful in saving time and cost while providing high quality finished parts.

Ilium operates from a 6,000m² highly automated manufacturing facility built on a 10,000m2 site within the Bahrain International Investment Park (BIIP) in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Created in 2010, Ilium was established to address the challenges and inefficiencies that existed within the LRTM market, by providing cutting-edge solutions.

Ilium is at the forefront of innovation in the manufacturing industry. While competitors continue to rely on aging and inefficient technologies, Ilium creates next-generation reinforcement products that allows customers to maximize efficiency and profitability. Ilium’s competitors do not have the capability to offer the same product features as Ilium.

Ilium’s technology offers the leading ‘out-of-mold’ surface finish for closed mold, gel-coated parts as well as pultruded profiles with intelligent workflows. For industrial parts, this is a revolution in terms of ensuring a higher performing product, improved finished part aesthetics as well as the added benefit of increased chemical and osmosis protection.

The resin flow media (core) in Ilium products is an innovation that generates several advantages. Ilium is the only company able to produce this core in-line, saving time, cost and waste. Furthermore, Ilium’s unique technology means the line can run at speeds up to 20 linear meters per minute, 4-5 times faster than most machines in operation today. Ilium produces up to 60,000kg in a single day.  Depending on product mix, Ilium can produce between 12,000 and 15,000 metric tons of product per year.

Ilium maintains a philosophy of continuous improvement to ensure product performance and customer service are always closely linked.  Automated technology enables production management with more control and consistency in repeated processes allowing a greater focus on innovation, creativity and new product development.

Placing a great emphasis on reliable quality assurance processes helps communicate to the customer that everything possible is being done to ensure that the product is of high quality and will meet the defined product quality requirements. Ilium is ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certified.

With its versatile technology and customer-focused approach, customers value the unique features offered by Ilium including factory cleanliness, health & safety, fire retardancy or water absorption benefits. Ilium’s technology also allows for a high level of customization.

Ilium was founded with the aim of delivering high-performance products to a global market at competitive prices. With innovative features and an advanced manufacturing technology, Ilium is a leading global supplier across multiple glass fibre composites markets.

Ilium produces high quality composite reinforcements for multiple sectors

Marine sector
transport sector
pipes sector
architecture sector
industrial sector
energy sector
sports & leisure sector
utilities sector