FLEXmat® is a high-performance, randomly oriented glass fiber reinforcement, designed for pultrusion and continuous lamination processes.

FLEXmat® is produced using ilium’s proprietary technology, maintaining structural integrity without stitching or chemical binders. It offers unrivalled wet and dry tensile strength, as well as multi-resin compatibility from a single product.  With improved part finish, longer die life and reduced potential for stretching in the die, FLEXmat® has a wide range of commercial applications and eliminates the costs of secondary veils.



  • Long chopped glass fiber, held between lightweight polyester veils
  • Thermo-bonded for excellent wet and dry stability
  • No stitching
  • No chemical binder
  • Multi-resin compatibility
  • Further reinforcement can be incorporated into product
  • amplify veil added for enhanced performance


  • Osmosis and chemical resistance of finished part as standard
  • Unrivalled wet and dry tensile strength during processing
  • Reduced potential for stretching
  • Improved die wear reduces cost
  • Secondary veil may not be required
  • Faster set up times
  • Quicker line speed
FLEXmat® plus


  • Healthier and cleaner work environment
  • Eliminates need for secondary veil
  • Improved surface finish
  • Reduced inventory as one product is suitable for multiple resin systems
  • Highly cost effective
  • Lower scrap rate
  • Better finished part without a price premium

Technical Generic Data Sheet