Ilium Composites

Product range

Ilium’s product range utilizes highly technical, engineered fiberglass reinforcements together with polyester and thermoplastic components. Products are ISO 9001:2015 certified in recognition of the company’s ongoing commitment to quality assurance for its range of products and customer service.

Assembled in-house using state-of-the-art technology, Ilium products are designed to address the challenges faced by the Glassfiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) industry.

Ilium is unbeaten in quality compared to competitive products. When a company chooses an Ilium product, they can be guaranteed of exclusive advantages found nowhere else.


  • Health & Safety
  • Versatile production
  • Fire retardancy
  • No chemical binders
  • Intrinsic protection from the elements
  • Competitive pricing
Ilium Composites ULTImat®

ULTImat® is an advanced glass fiber reinforcement, composed of a synthetic core sandwiched between chopped glass fiber and incorporating a synthetic integrated veil. The product range is assembled using Ilium’s unique and state-of-the art technology, which provides features and benefits not available from IIium’s competitors.

Ilium Composites FLEXmat®

FLEXmat® is a high-performing, randomly oriented glass fiber reinforcement, ideally suited to pultrusion and continuous lamination processes. It is produced using ilium’s proprietary technology, without stitching or chemical binders and offers unrivalled wet and dry tensile strength, as well as multi-resin compatibility.

Ilium Composites AMPLIFY

amplify is an industrial grade polyester surface veil that can be applied as an addition to Ilium’s entire closed mold and pultrusion reinforcement solutions, or applied by the end user at the point of molding. Ilium can combine amplify with any existing reinforcement without stitching or the use of chemical binders.

Ilium Composites INVISIflo

ULTImat® invisiflo offers glass fiber reinforcement for optically translucent applications, featuring a highly translucent mat with visual reduction of star cracks. It is widely available to more applications thanks to low-cost system. Custom weight ranges are available.

Ilium produces high quality composite reinforcements for multiple sectors

Marine sector
transport sector
pipes sector
architecture sector
industrial sector
energy sector
sports & leisure sector
utilities sector