amplify is an industrial grade polyester surface veil that can be applied as an addition to Ilium’s entire closed mold and pultrusion reinforcement solutions or applied by the end user at the point of molding.

Ilium can combine amplify with any existing reinforcement without stitching or the use of chemical binders. amplify is a thermo-bonded PET veil produced in-house and works to create an aesthetic surface finish by reducing the appearance of glass fibers on the gelcoat or pultruded part.



  • Carded and thermo-bonded polyester surface veil
  • Compatible with a broad matrix selection
  • Available as a standalone product or combined with any other Ilium reinforcement


  • Perfect for Class ‘A’ surface and marine skin coat applications
  • Able to integrate into closed mold, open mold and pultrusion processes
  • Provides strong resistance to blistering and moisture ingress


  • Unrivalled value towards improved chemical resistance
  • Significant cost savings against available competitor surface veils
  • Time savings adding the veil to the reinforcement

Technical Generic Data Sheet

amplify 30-TDS273

amplify 60-TDS274

amplify P450-TDS275