ULTImat® is an advanced glass fiber reinforcement, composed of a synthetic core sandwiched between chopped glass fiber and incorporating a synthetic integrated veil.

The ULTImat® product range is assembled using Ilium’s unique and state-of-the art technology, which provides features and benefits not available from IIium’s competitors. Lightweight incorporated surface veils help to reduce fiber print in surface finish critical applications and our 50% recycled polyester flow media shows Ilium’s commitment to sustainability, without compromising product quality.


  • Non-woven thermoplastic flow media between two layers of chopped glass fiber
  • Integrated lightweight polyester surface veils
  • Faster wet-out
  • Multi-resin compatibility
  • Visual improvements with reduced print-through
  • Cleaner working environment


  • Stitch-free for improved drapeability and handling
  • Unmatched inter-laminar shear strength with polyester flow media
  • Excellent cyclic loading and thermal cycling
  • Improved osmosis and chemical resistance


  • Product is fixed without loose fibers
  • No thick overlaps in-mold
  • Excess mat removable with simple trimming
  • Clean splicing
  • Reduced default rework of finished parts

Technical Data Sheet

The ULTImat ® product range

ULTImat ® combi

Supplements standard ULTImat® with added continuous reinforcement (woven roving or multiaxial). Made for highly structural parts.


Technical Data Sheet

ULTImat Combi PP 1N300PP18B

ULTImat ® HF

Incorporates stronger, more compression resistant flow media for improved resin flow. Ideal product for high viscosity or highly filled resin systems

Ultimat HF

Technical Generic Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet – 2N450HS25

ULTImat ® PP

The benefits of ULTImat® with polypropylene (PP) resin flow media instead of polyester according to customer demand.

Ultimat PP

Technical Generic Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet – 2N600PP18

ULTImat ® SF

Any product within the ULTImat® range, incorporating a heavier veil on one side for further improved surface finish.

Ultimat SF

Technical Generic Data Sheet


Revolutionary chopped strand mat (CSM) made with long glass fiber, and assembled with lightweight polyester surface veils, without the use of chemical binders or stitching.

  • Ideal for open mold and hand lamination applications
  • Beneficial for styrene-free resin systems
  • Osmosis and chemical resistance
  • Acts as skin coat – removes the need for additional barrier coat
  • Faster wet-out time than standard CSM
  • Even thickness

Technical Generic Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet – 450

ULTImat ® preform

ULTImat® with a preformable thermoplastic core and veil combination, allowing fast and low cost preforming without the need for heavy presses and metal tools.

ULTImat ® preform
  • Quick and simple preform part creation
  • Widely available to more applications thanks to low-cost system
  • Ideal for high volume, complex parts
  • No chemical binder – can be formed without heating
  • Reduce layup time by 70%

Technical Generic Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet – 2N450PS15

ULTImat ® FR

ULTImat® with a unique fire-retardant core able to achieve the most stringent global standards.

ULTImat ® FR
  • EN 45545 and ASTM 162/662 standards achievable
  • Lighter than 100% glass core alternatives
  • Proprietary Ilium core technology
  • Cost effective versus traditional solutions

Technical Generic Data Sheet

Download Technical Data Sheet – 2N450HS25