INVISIflo® is a random fiberglass mat designed for translucent panel applications in closed mold processes. It exhibits high drape and excellent resin wetout for optimum translucency.

INVISIflo® has revolutionized the translucent L-RTM market. It incorporates see-through properties in structural components for expanded functionality. This encourages greater use of translucent composites in various sectors and consequently, make visually impressive composite solutions even more accessible to a wider range of customers and applications.


Glass fiber reinforcement for optically translucent applications.

  • Highly translucent mat
  • Visual reduction of star cracks
  • Widely available to more applications thanks to low-cost system
  • Custom weight ranges available
ULTImat ® invisiflo

Technical Generic Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet – 600

Technical Data Sheet – 900

Technical Data Sheet – 1200